Tech, Emory Bolster Cross-Registration Partnership

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Kristen Shaw
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Jeremy Gray
Office of the Registrar

Georgia Tech and Emory collaborate in numerous ways to
leverage each other’s varied resources. One new area of emphasis is to provide
both student populations with more curriculum choices. Last month, Georgia Tech
President G. P. “Bud” Peterson and Emory President James W. Wagner renewed a
concerted effort to foster the relationship between the two institutions through

Tech students have long had the ability to register for
classes at other area colleges through the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher
Education (ARCHE). This group is comprised of a host of area colleges and
universities and allows students to take classes not offered at Tech that will
help them reach their academic or career goals. Senior Vice Provost Anderson D. Smith
hopes that with both presidents promoting cross-registration at their
respective institutions, it will be easier for students to identify courses of
interest that would not otherwise be available to them. 

“This is about strengthening the relationship between Emory
and Georgia Tech, and it makes sense since we both attract outstanding, high-quality students,” Smith said. He also noted that because Tech already provides
transportation to Emory with a shuttle every two hours, it makes sense for
students enrolling in courses outside of Georgia Tech to do so at Emory.

Cross-registration is open only to junior, senior and
graduate students. Students may only take
courses at Emory that are not offered at Tech during the specific term for
which they’re registering. Full instructions for cross-registration are
available from the Office of the Registrar; Emory also makes its
cross-registration rules available online.

Students may choose from a variety of Emory courses on
topics such as global health, religion, photography or drama, and can peruse
Emory’s course catalog online. Academic advisors can assist students in
determining which courses qualify and how cross-registration would fit into
their academic timelines.

Continued and enhanced partnership with Emory fits into Georgia Tech's strategic plan as it encourages collaboration with learners outside of Tech and enriches the student experience — a strategy of the plan's first goal to be among the most highly respected technology-focused learning institutions in the world.