Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders in Biomedical Engineering

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Georgia Tech is preparing the next generation of
leaders in biomedical engineering thanks to a new program – the Graduate
Leadership Program within the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical
Engineering at Tech and Emory University.

This program teaches Georgia Tech graduate students
to be strong leaders who can readily communicate their research agendas beyond
the pragmatics of scientific techniques and experimental outcomes.

So far, 16 students have completed the training and
this year, 15 students are enrolled.

 “Ultimately success is dependent not just on
technical skills, but also one’s ability to lead by setting the agenda and
having the self-confidence to execute at a high level,” said Professor of
Biomedical Engineering Ravi Bellamkonda who conceived the program in 2008 as
part of an National Institutes of Health T32 Training Grant.

The program consists of an off-campus, followed by
seven mentored meetings where participants explore four central concepts:
self-awareness, leadership motivated by service to others, values-based
leadership and the power of the individual as an agent for positive

Developed in collaboration with Wendy
Newstetter, director of Learning Sciences for the Coulter Department and
Professor Terry Blum, director of the Institute for Leadership and
Entrepreneurship, the Georgia Tech Graduate Leadership Program appears to be
the first program of its kind designed specifically for graduate students in